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Redesigning Floral/Hector

Coming up Monday (November 21, 7:00 pm in LACS) is a public meeting regarding the redesign/rebuild of the intersection of Hector and Floral (that’s for short; actually, it’s Hector, Floral, Elm, and State/MLKing). That’s a corner that has bothered a lot of people ever since it emerged from the belly of the octopus — motorists […]

From our CC Rep

Hi Ben and fellow First Warders,

I went to the redistricting meeting Wednesday night, and the meeting previous to that one. The committee is considering s number of options, including new ward boundaries and also changing the total number of wards and Common Council representatives in the City. Currently the committee is gathering feedback from […]

Propositions would alter balance of power in Ithaca

This article by Raymond M. Schlather and William W. Goldsmith also appeared on the “Viewpoints” page of the Ithaca Journal.


Three propositions appear on the Ithaca City ballot this fall. The first is a matter of housekeeping and should be supported. The second and third propositions, perhaps unintentionally, call for […]

Common question re: Props 2 & 3


“The language of the two propositions sounds great. It refers mostly to the powers to appoint staff. How does that lead to the conclusion that citizen boards (BPW and Fire) are stripped of their authority and rendered advisory only?”


The two local laws that were enacted by Common Council in June – and […]