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Bird-Friendly Landscapes and Community Dinner Feb. 24,2012

Hello West Hill,

At the last community dinner we talked about bird-friendly landscapes and hydrilla–the hydrilla e-mail went out, so below you will find, from Regi (thanks for the hospitality!) hints on attracting birds.

Also, if you have a topic on resources or sustainability that interests you, let us know about it.

From Regi:

The […]

Termites on West Hill

Termite tunnel at the top of the cellar wall, continuing up to the sill

We were having some work done on our house and had to move around some shelving in the basement. Thus, by pure chance, we noticed some curious strips or lines like little tubes running up the wall — we thought […]

Youth Survey

Dear Tompkins County Youth,

The Tompkins County Youth Services Department (www.tompkins-co.org/youth) is collecting information about the State of Youth in Tompkins County. As part of this needs assessment we would like to hear directly from YOU about the needs, gaps and strengths of young people in Tompkins County.

SURVEY LINK: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/tompkinsyouth This is a link […]