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Hydrilla treatments to resume

For Immediate Release June 18, 2012

Hydrilla Eradication Treatments Resume in Cayuga Inlet

Ithaca, NY – The second of a series of herbicide treatments is tentatively scheduled for the Cayuga Inlet on June 26-27, 2012. The herbicide being used in the treatment is Endothal, also known as Aquathol K. This is the same herbicide […]

Uses and abuses of redistricting

Cynthia Brock provided this explanation in response to a question:

The stated purpose of redistricting is to equalize the population of the various Wards, regardless of age or ability to vote. Under all the various scenarios, the population variance between the largest and smallest wards cannot vary by 10% or more. However even with these […]

City redistricting

West Hill has been part of the city’s first ward, together with South Hill and parts of the city’s north side. It seems that there is momentum now to convert to a districting plan in which the first and second wards would be combined. This is a map of the proposed wards, with notations showing […]