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More responses to “showcase”

From Sophie:

A couple of additional points:

This project was initiated by Tompkins County and the design does follow sustainable concepts. It was unclear what role if any Eco Village played in selecting the 12 guiding sustainability principles. To the best of my understanding, the grant received with the help or participation of the Eco […]

Responses to “showcase” — Dave Nutter

Dave Nutter sent our first report from the June 12 meeting regarding the “Climate Showcase Community Proposal.”

I attended the meeting yesterday evening at PRI. Transportation: According to the Tompkins County Planning Department RFP this is a US EPA Climate Showcase Community Proposal for a “pedestrian oriented community” with a “Pedestrian Neighborhood” with […]

Climate Showcase Community Proposal

The Climate Showcase Community Proposal was introduced to the public at the public meeting on June 12. Below is the announcement for the meeting; we’ll post further information as it arrives.


Climate Showcase Community Proposal – Public Information Meeting June 12

On Wednesday, June 12, Tompkins County will hold a public information meeting to […]