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The Tompkins County Legislature is scheduled to vote on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, to permit the sale of property on West Hill for the purpose of a housing development called “Cayuga Village.” For many reasons, some of which are on this website at “Objections to ‘Cayuga Village,’” this petition asks the legislature to vote “No” […]

Advocating “Cayuga Village”

The following is a letter by county legislator Will Burbank, providing further explanation of the nature of the “Cayuga Village” project and stating his support of it. Opposition to this project is posted on this site at “Objections to “Cayuga Village.”

Will Burbank

West Hill Neighbors,

On Tuesday night the Tompkins County Legislature will be […]

Objections to “Cayuga Village”

Below are several letters sent via the West Hill email list (“listserv”) opposing the planned sale of Tompkins County property for the purpose of a housing development (tentatively) called “Cayuga Village.” Unavoidably, this is a long post, but we feel it’s best to keep the letters together in one place. (Pro-Cayuga Village opinions are in […]

Tompkins County public info meeting

Tompkins County is entertaining a proposal for development of a “Climate Showcase Community” on 26 acres of County-owned land on Harris B. Dates Drive next to Cayuga Medical Center.A meeting was held last June regarding the proposal and on Tuesday, October 1, at 5:30, the county legislature is slated to vote on selling the property […]