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Ithaca is a small city and many of us know each other, regardless of where we live. Yet, the various areas and neighborhoods do develop their own character and, often, special concerns and issues. Thus, West Hill has its own character, its own identity. To a large extent, this is because of its separation from the rest of the city by the Cayuga Lake Inlet — how to cross that waterway has been a topic of dispute and policy debate for many, many decades and the frequent traffic congestion in this “bottleneck” is still an important, even alarming, consideration when new development is proposed.

This website will provide a repository for information relevant to West Hill, along with an email list (“listserv”) open to everyone to join (visit the “EMAIL” page on this site).

Any new undertaking will stumble, even get lost for a while. Feel free to write us and set us straight. We mean well. We mean to provide a site and service that you find useful. Please help us make it so.