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Bike to Work/School Day

Bike to Work (or School) Day has been promoted for many years by the League of American Bicyclists and we’ve had various activities throughout Ithaca. Last year was the first when several groups got together to offer “breakfast stations” at various points where people might stop while biking to or from their work/school. One of those stations, being set up for the second year, is at the foot of West Hill. I hope that many Westhillers will take their bikes out on Wednesday afternoon to check their tires and brakes so they can coast down to our breakfast station. It’s going to be in the green space between Hector and Cliff Streets, right opposite where Floral Ave hits Hector and Park Rd hits Cliff.

It’s promising to be a beautiful morning, just like last year when we had a wonderful time greeting several dozen friends and neighbors. Please make a point of coming down. And, remember, after stopping at the West Hill station, you can continue across town to stop at one of the many other stations!

The locations:

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