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Cat looking for home

runningcatThis cat seems to have moved into the space below our porch (on Cliff Street, on West Hill) a couple weeks ago. At first, we only saw an orange streak as it ran for cover. Then, it would stop at a distance and watch us for a while before disappearing again. But, the last few days, it’s been meowing at us through the door’s window and pretty clearly indicating it’s ready to take up a more permanent and comfortable residence.

My message to the West Hill email list got no response, so I assume it’s not the beloved of anyone in our neighborhood. I’m still open to hearing from someone that it’s their cat, but not very hopeful. If you know of other Ithaca email lists, maybe you’d forward the info to them.

sittingcatMeanwhile, would someone like to adopt this very lovable-seeming cat? It’s not always out in view, but I don’t think you’d have much trouble getting it to come along.

You can email (aozolins at ithaca dot edu) or phone (592 0780) with info or questions.

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