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First Ward Report

From George McGonigal — Greetings fellow First Warders,

So here we go at last, on a chilly 2nd day of October, my initial First Ward Report. I’d like to begin with what is about to happen, before I cover what has been happening.


As most of you already know, we are facing a […]

Video on hydrilla in the inlet

Owl Gorge Productions has made a new video regarding the invasive plant in the Cayuga Lake Inlet. It’s good to see exactly where it is and what it looks like inthe water. It runs about 15 minutes and concludes with suggestions on what each of us can do to respond to this threat. This video […]

More invasives: Pale Swallow-wort

While the foot of West Hill is threatened by the aquatic plant Hydrilla, up on the slopes a very serious invasion comes from the pale swallow-wort, a Euroopean that has gained a foothold in New York State. We’ll be posting details about where it has been found and what we can do about it. For […]

Hydrilla — invasive water plant

Submitted by Cynthia Brock —

Identifying the plant

There has been recent news releases throughout the press on the discovery of Hydrilla, an invasive water plant, in the Cayuga Inlet. In an effort to preserve the delicate balance and health of our lake, I am asking for your support in forwarding this message throughout […]