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Safety Message

Press Release / Safety Message

Agency: Ithaca Fire Department Date: Friday, February 22, 2014 Time: 8:30 pm. Location: 310 West Green Street, Ithaca Incident: Ice / Gorge Safety Contact Person: Lieutenant Thomas T. Basher Jr. Public Information Officer

Fax (607) 272-2793, Cell (607) 227-5001, TBasher@CityofIthaca.org

Stay Off The Ice

Ithaca‚Äôs gorges are spectacular all […]

Public safety on West Hill with Mayor Myrick

The recent shooting of Ithaca City police officer Tony Augustine has once again brought attention to the increase in crime our West Hill community faces. It is time to address public safety and any other issues you may have with our mayor, Svante Myrick.

What: Public meeting with Mayor Myrick and other community leaders When: […]