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Redesigning Floral/Hector

Coming up Monday (November 21, 7:00 pm in LACS) is a public meeting regarding the redesign/rebuild of the intersection of Hector and Floral (that’s for short; actually, it’s Hector, Floral, Elm, and State/MLKing). That’s a corner that has bothered a lot of people ever since it emerged from the belly of the octopus — motorists […]

Hector-Floral Intersection Plans

Plan of roadway changes

A legacy of the old “Octopus” era has been the problematic intersection of Hector St., Elm St., and Floral Ave. It has been difficult for cars to turn safely into or out of Floral and passing through the intersection always presents possible surprises. But, the big problem has been […]

TCAT Changes

From Jennifer Dotson:

There is new information about upcoming proposed TCAT changes: rural fare increase (similar to the former “zone” system) and some fairly minor route cuts affecting routes 14 (West Hill), 52 (Newark Valley), 53/54 (outer Varna/Turkey Hill area), and 68 (southern Elmira Rd “strip” area). They are accompanied by other financial tightening, of […]