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Cliff Street changes

The sauna sitting on the Thompson Tree truck bed.

A delightful bit of excitement on Cliff Street this morning — a sauna that had been resting unused behind a lower-Cliff Street house got under way on its move to its new home in Wilseyville. A sauna isn’t very big compared to a house, but it’s a really huge thing to transport from one point in the city to another location! The first chore was to get it out from between the houses, and that was accomplished by a crane operated by Morgan Thompson of Thompson Tree and Crane Service. The crane plucked the small building up and deposited it on Thompson’s truck, which then drove across Cliff Street into the small community parking lot. There, the sauna was lifted down to the ground for the next step — getting picked up by a truck that can carry it through the city streets and up South Hill to its destination, a process that requires a special license.


The transport trailer is a special one built specifically for the purpose of moving small buildings and sheds. It has a chain winch that can pull the structure up onto the tilted bed and forward over the wheels. The trailer also has several winches permanently mounted along the beams on either side for lashing the load down. The operator spent quite a while tending to all the mechanisms that would ensure a safe trip to Wilseyville, including red flags along the sides and a big “Wide Load” sign across the back.

When everything had been checked, refastened, rechecked, and double-checked, the rig set out up Cliff Street to find its circuitous way to the sauna’s new home.

I suppose there is nothing special about this event to justify publishing it on line. But, having stumbled upon it in progress, I felt it was a little vignette of life on West Hill worth dwelling on for a minute. While we debate about development and argue about planning, such little events as this are constantly transforming the community, like cells replacing each other in our bodies. It’s one less sauna in the residential ecology of West Hill; one more sauna in Wilseyville, recycled, restored, and reused.

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