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At the moment,there is no formal organization or leadership at Ithaca WEst. Patt Dutt has been an ardent promoter of a unified West Hill community and the energy behind the out-of-city group. Andrejs Ozolins has contributed this website and the email list.

Contact information:
Pat — pdutt@ithacawest.org
Andrejs — info@ithacawest.org

Concerns, suggestions, requests regarding the website: info@ithacawest.org

To communicate with other people on West Hill, please join the email list (aka “listserv”). After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation message with a link to click — that is to make sure that a real person, not a spam robot, is subscribing to the list. Just confirm the sign-up and you will be able to send mail to the list and receive all messages. (You can read all previous messages in the list’s archives; however you can post new messages to the list only after you subscribe to it.) LIST INFO PAGE