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At the moment,there is no formal organization or leadership at Ithaca West. Patt Dutt has been an ardent promoter of a unified West Hill community and the energy behind the out-of-city group. Andrejs Ozolins has contributed this website and the email list. We are in a period of some reorganization, so more names will no doubt be added soon.

IthacaWest contact information:

  • Pat — pdutt@ithacawest.org — organizational questions
  • Andrejs — aozolins@ithaca.edu — website, email list, etc

Contact info for the First Ward representatives on Ithaca City Common Council — these are the wonderful, approachable, and responsive people who look after our interests in city government.

  • Cynthia Brock <cynthia.ny8@gmail.com>
  • George McGonigal <gamcgonigal@gmail.com>

To communicate with other people on West Hill, please join the email list (aka “listserv”). That list is a “google group” with the address ithacawest@googlegroups.com

For a bit more info, visit the  LIST INFO PAGE