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We have established an email list to serve Ithaca’s West Hill — including both the city and out-of-city residents of West Hill. The list is largely self-serve: you can sign up on your own by following the link below and you can subsequently unsubscribe or change your subscription by yourself at that same link. This link is repeated at the bottom of every message sent via the list, so you don’t need to store or memorize that information.

To sign up, go to: LIST INFO PAGE

After you sign up, you will receive a “confirmation message” with a link to click — that is to make sure that a real person, not a spam robot, is subscribing to the list. Just confirm the sign-up and you will be able to send mail to the list and receive all messages. (You can read all previous messages in the list’s archives; however you can post new messages to the list only after you subscribe to it.)

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In addition to the above email list you can also get email notification of anything posted on this website. That way, you wouldn’t have to visit the site to see if anything is new.

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Just an aside: Many people refer to such an email list as a “listserv.” In fact, that term is a trade mark for a particular software package that handles email lists. It is not the package that we are using; our list is run by “Mailman,” an open-source program that is very widely used for nonprofit organizations. It may be that “listserv,” like “aspirin,” will lose its protected status. But, “email list” works just as well, so we’ll continue to identify it that way.