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First Ward Update

Dear fellow First Warders

Greetings.  I hope the new year is treating you well so far.
I am checking in to provide a brief and by no means comprehensive update about what is going on around town and in the First Ward…
    A meeting for residents of the Stone Quarry / Spencer Rd. / South Meadow St. neighborhood will convene soon to discuss potential traffic calming and re-alignment options.  The meeting is tentatively set for February 11th, at 6 pm at the church on South Meadow St.  City traffic engineers and Common Council reps will be there.
I will let everyone know as soon as the time and place is confirmed.
On the west side of the First Ward, a number of changes, large and small, are in the works.
Two vacant houses on Cliff St., 235 and 207, are going to be torn down. It is not known what will rise in their place.
There are plans moving forward to replace and perhaps relocate the Brindley St. bridge, and to realign Brindley St. itself.  Public outreach is planned for the near future but has not yet been scheduled.
Traffic patterns on West State St./ MLK Jr. St are also being studied for a possible change that would reduce the number of lanes for automobiles from 4 to 3, and widen the space for pedestrians and bicycles.  This potential project will also seek plenty of public input.  Dates and times for the first meetings will be announced soon.
On South Hill, I suspect that many residents are talking about the fact that Campus Advantage has apparently withdrawn its revised, scaled-down proposal for the Trebloc site at the east end of the Commons.
I am curious to know what people think about this turn of events.  I am also wondering how people feel about the possibility of re-examining the zoning for this area.  If residents do not want a future project that is of the same scale and height as the initial Campus Advantage proposal, then the only way to avoid this likely possibility may be to change aspects of how it is zoned.
What do you think?
That’s all I’ve got for now.  More detail later.  Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or on the phone at 272-0639.  Have a good one.
George McG
George McGonigal
Common Council, First Ward
tel: 272-0639

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