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FYI — west hill project

From: Cynthia Brock <cynthia.ny8@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: Subdivision on Campbell and Hector

?Hi all,
I try to keep everyone abreast of zoning, building and development activities occurring in the First Ward.  There is a minor subdivision planned for West Hill (one property split into two properties), and I wanted to pass it on.?  Please see below for details and links to information and upcoming meetings.
Cynthia Brock, Alderperson, First Ward
607 398-0883
Project Review Committee Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, March 17, 20159:30
Project:     Minor Subdivision
Location:    104 Campbell Ave., Tax Parcel #19.-2-4
Applicant:    John & Anne Marie Cummings
Anticipated Board Action(s) in March:  Declaration of Lead Agency, Public Hearing, Determination of Environmental Significance, and Preliminary & Final Subdivision Approval

Project Description:  The applicant proposes to subdivide the 0.513-acre (22,347SF) parcel into two lots: Parcel A, measuring 0.243 acres (10,581 SF) with 110 feet of street frontage on Campbell Ave.; and Parcel 2, measuring 0.27 acres (11,766 SF) with 97 feet of street frontage on Hector St. and 93.2 feet of street frontage on Campbell Ave., and containing an existing single-family home.  The property is in the R-1a Zoning District, which has the following minimum area requirements: 10,000 SF lot size, 75 feet of street frontage, 25-foot front yard and 10-foot side yard setbacks, and a rear yard setback of 50 feet or 25%, but no less than 20 feet.  This is an Unlisted Action under the City of Ithaca Environmental Quality Review Ordinance and the State Environmental Quality Review Act, and is subject to environmental review.

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