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Hector-Floral Intersection Plans

Plan of roadway changes

A legacy of the old “Octopus” era has been the problematic intersection of Hector St., Elm St., and Floral Ave. It has been difficult for cars to turn safely into or out of Floral and passing through the intersection always presents possible surprises. But, the big problem has been for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s an important bottleneck not only because the many residents of West Hill must pass through to get into the city, but the additional traffic to the Lehman Alternative Community School brings lots of youngsters into the traffic mix. After lots of planning and discussion, the final details of the solution have been provided by Tim Logue of the Ithaca Transportation Engineers office.

Signage at the intersection

These are engineering drawings, so I had to stare at them for a while to begin to see the outline of curbs, the traffic island, the crossing points, etc. As far as I can tell, the principal changes will be to add a small traffic island at the opening of Floral on Hector/State. This will presumably better define the line for cars to follow; and two pedestrian crossings will be defined. One pedestrian crossing will be a little ways up Hector, presumably for people who want to head across toward Cass Park or Cliff/Buffalo St. Another pedestrian crossing will be set up at the west side of the foot of Elm — it looks to me like it will lead fairly directly to the sidewalk on that side at the point where the current Cayuga Waterfront Trail goes down under the bridges along the flood control channel. Dramatic new pavement markings will be put on the roadway both on Floral and Hector to make everything clearer and safer.

These are just my rough impressions of what I’m looking at; it would be great if Tim could send us his accurate and well-informed version so that we can intelligently understand the drawings and the improvements.

Click on the above images to see larger versions in which you can read most of the tiny writing. To see the entire package of PDFs at much higher resolution, download Tim’s original PD: Hector-Elm-Floral-State plans. This is a four-page PDF that includes the above material in addition to a page that locates us in the county and the state and a page with details about paving, curbs, and other engineering details.

2 comments to Hector-Floral Intersection Plans

  • Erik Shanton

    Is this the final plan? Is there any opportunity to comment? Just wanted to know. Thanks for posting this!

  • Andrejs

    There will probably be some public involvement. However, this project has quiet a long history of information and opinion gathering. There was a time when we learned that there were several potential options and there was wide discussion of which direction is best to go. Considerations of expense cane into it as well — the option of creating a traffic circle at that point was deemed attractive but unaffordable, for example. For some of these alternatives, see http://bikeithaca.org/?p=356, where those early possible plans are available as PDFs. Given all this earlier activity, I think the intention of the current release is to be final or near to it.

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