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Hydrilla — invasive water plant

Submitted by Cynthia Brock —

Identifying the plant

There has been recent news releases throughout the press on the discovery of Hydrilla, an invasive water plant, in the Cayuga Inlet.  In an effort to preserve the delicate balance and health of our lake, I am asking for your support in forwarding this message throughout the diving, paddling and boating community so that we can educate and raise awareness of the existence of Hydrilla.

Here are some very helpful drawings and details to help in identifying the invasive Hydrilla as compared to local plants.  Conversations are currently ongoing with the City of Ithaca to discuss organized collection and disposal strategies.  At the moment the focus is to locate possible infestation sites throughout our area, and organize a list of volunteers that can participate in training sessions for proper removal.

Distinguish from similar plants

Please send photos of suspected Hydrilla outcroppings (with its location) to Hilary at the Cayuga Watershed Network (steward@cayugalake.org), to help create a database.  Hydrilla can be identified (see below) by its whorl 4-8 toothy leaves (vs. whorls of 3 in the local Elodea).   Again, please wait to receive training before attempting to remove it!

If you or others are interested in participating in an effort to help remove the infestations of Hydrilla from Cayuga Inlet, please contact me or Hilary.

All the best,
Cynthia Brock

The circles show the locations where hyddrilla has been found.

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