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The Tompkins County Legislature is scheduled to vote on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, to permit the sale of property on West Hill for the purpose of a housing development called “Cayuga Village.” For many reasons, some of which are on this website at “Objections to ‘Cayuga Village,'” this petition asks the legislature to vote “No” on the sale. If you agree, please fill out the petition form and leave a comment if you wish. If you wish to make a longer statement, please send it to info@ithacawest.org and it will be posted on this website with other comments.

Halt the sale of Tompkins County land for the "Cayuga Village" project


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73Kate IacovelliJan 26, 2014
72Modupe AkinwandeJan 26, 2014
71Iman GreeneJan 26, 2014
70Cheryl BlackwoodJan 26, 2014
69Tammy WilliamsJan 26, 2014
68Dhia WaheedJan 26, 2014
67Alex Scherer-JonesJan 26, 2014
66Paul KominosJan 26, 2014
65JAIME RILEYThis project provides no benefit to the community but will in fact strain already limited resources.Jan 26, 2014
64Jerzy ZapalaOct 14, 2013
63Wanda HolubOct 14, 2013
62Peter ForlanoOct 13, 2013
61Lloyd GravesSay no to sprawl without any planning to accommodate cars, energy needs, strains on water, etc. Oct 13, 2013
60Marie HarkinsThis is probably too late as you are voting tonight. This is a very inappropriate use of land for all of the reasons expressed by prior letter writers. I echo the sentiments of Joe Whetmore and George Frantz. In addition, I have had the opportunity of working with many of the low income families who end up living in these types of developments. They often feel isolated and cut off from many Oct 01, 2013
59Erik ShantonOct 01, 2013
58Kristina ShantonOct 01, 2013
57Robert WheelerVote no to selling this property for more housing on West Hill!Oct 01, 2013
56Judson WipfIt's a $10 cab ride to shopping from this site for people who don't own a car.Oct 01, 2013
55Elizabeth KitneyNothing sustainable about this project. It will only benefir the developers, not the community as a whole.Oct 01, 2013
54Michelle DelaneyI am concerned about access to the city by these residents - from what I've heard existing TCAT runs would not be able to handle more people at peak times, and adding more car commuters on Rt 96 is not a great idea either.Oct 01, 2013
53Franny KingOct 01, 2013
52Mary BrockIt is an all around bad move to develop the Biggs complex when there are so many questions from West Hill residents are left unanswered. Last but not least it will create horrific traffic issues. Oct 01, 2013
51Yayoi KoizumiNo to "Cayuga Village" Oct 01, 2013
50Luanne ProsperiYet another proposed future development on West Hill's already insufficient infrastructure. Herb Engman& Ed Marx have been planning the sale of this site to a developer for multiple years, proving that this meeting is yet another sham.Oct 01, 2013
49Joan LawrencePlease vote "NO" on the "Cayuga Village" project. West Hill cannot support another such housing project.Oct 01, 2013
48Elizabeth DissinSounds like this may not be in the best interests of the West Hill area as a whole.Oct 01, 2013
47Alice RockeyPlease don't rush through this decision!Oct 01, 2013
46Stephanie SchaafOct 01, 2013
45Meghan and Christopher FouracreThis property was not originally zoned for residential, we share the others concerns about crime. Indian creek rd cannot handle any more traffic, we already have a lot of reckless driving on a street with lots of very small childrenOct 01, 2013
44robert stuartsprawl is not the answerOct 01, 2013
43Carol "Theo" Theobaldshortsighted and unsustainable. We can do better....much much better.Oct 01, 2013
42Patricia HeslopThis needs careful, thoughtful planning.Oct 01, 2013
41Joseph WetmoreSprawl happens one project at a time.Oct 01, 2013
40Irene AmaroJust call it more housing instead of a "climate showcase". Don't necessarily think we shouldn't ever sell or develop the land, but we all need to be smarter about it and not just out for a quick buck.Oct 01, 2013
39Stephen ShafferOct 01, 2013
38Steven FelkerThe very real congestion and low income / crime issues that plague quality of life on West Hill remain unaddressed. This will only exacerbate them. I concur with many of the messages sent to our legislators, and don't believe there should be any further development on West Hill until the critical infrastructure issues are addressed (say, reroute Rt. 89 across the inlet over the defunct CastawayOct 01, 2013
37Sharon KaselThe income based housing on West Hill needs to stop. Enough is enough!Oct 01, 2013
36Anna StalterOct 01, 2013
35Tish PearlmanOct 01, 2013
34Eugenia HurmeOct 01, 2013
33Joshua PelusoOct 01, 2013
32Gail FinanOct 01, 2013
31Lewis WardOct 01, 2013
30Jane SchantzI live on Indian Creek Road and our neighborhood would be greatly impacted by the proposed Cayuga Village. I am opposed to this for the same reasons already stated by many - put simply - poor planning!Oct 01, 2013
29George KobasSep 30, 2013
28Daniel YokumSep 30, 2013
27Linda GravesParticularly in light of the drug-related crime, including a robbery with the barrel of a rifle in the victim's mouth near West Village, any further dense-population/low-income housing projects should be deferred at least until the situation is restored to a safe neighborhood for current residents. Sep 30, 2013
26Debra EichtenSustainable mixed income housing requires affordable non-motor vehicle transportation to jobs, schools, commercial centers, and supporting safety infrastructures. As described to date, this project does not include a viable plan for addressing that need. Sep 30, 2013
25Regi TeasleyJettison the promises and perform due diligence. What is the rush?Sep 30, 2013
24Dennis FoersterUnwise. Traffic and logistics problems. Just TRY using the road by the hospital at rush hour. The implication of building there is that a strip mall must also be eventually developed to provide nearby services. The rural/residential character of the area would begin to deteriorate.Sep 30, 2013
23Evelyn DraderSep 30, 2013
22Don CrittendenTurn the property into a parkSep 30, 2013
21Angela MennittoSep 30, 2013
20Arthur TauckSep 30, 2013
19Barbara ParkerI agree with all of the other comments.Sep 30, 2013
18Thomas HohnWhy are the concerns of the West Hill residents being ignored? Is it because they are overwhelmingly against this project?Sep 30, 2013
17Andrejs OzolinsWe talk and talk about what we should do; and, then, our leaders do the opposite. The sprawl of impossible housing spread on West Hill and on the other hills of Ithaca is testimony to the incorrigible failure of planning. It simply must stop. Sep 30, 2013
16Virginia MarquesThe traffic and crime are currently making life on the West Hill intolerable.Sep 30, 2013
15irene kielyAgree with comments made by concerned citizens of West Hill area.Sep 30, 2013
14Pat DuttThis development is portrayed as some sort of sustainable model, but in fact, is another development of urban sprawl joining the ranks of Overlook and Lindermann. If this development were trully for the poor, they would have the opportunity to own their own house within 2 or 3 years, not 15 so that wealthy corporations or individuals outside the community can take tax credits. Sep 30, 2013
13David NutterIt's a perverse "Climate Showcase" to build 3 miles distant with incomplete sidewalks & 500' elevation difference from the nearest grocery, and much farther on already congested roads to the major employers. Sep 29, 2013
12Michael BurgerI urge Tompkins County Legislators to vote against the sale of the Biggs parcel. This is not Smart Growth. It's sprawl. Sep 29, 2013
11Jane ZimmerSep 29, 2013
10Mary Jane HetzleinSep 29, 2013
9Bill KingSep 29, 2013
8Judith SwannOur neighborhood cannot handle 90 more cars -- and on weekends there can be 2 hours between buses. Don't develop the Biggs property as mass housing!Sep 29, 2013
7Sharon AhlersSep 29, 2013
6Krys CailI have attended County Legislature committee meetings to speak out against this in the past. My objections were dismissed, despite my training at the Masters level in City and Regional Planning (Cornell).Sep 29, 2013
5George FrantzThis is another example of selling bad development as "sustainable." The site is in an isolated location where residents must depend on the automobile because of limited transit service and distance to destinations. Like recent West Hill affordable housing developments such as Linderman Creek and the newer development across Rte 96 from CMC, it will be just another isolated ghetto.Sep 29, 2013
4Linda Grace-KobasSep 29, 2013
3Jon HiltonSep 29, 2013
2Diana OzolinsThis project will contribute to spraw. It will also situate low income people far away from jobs, services, and stores - the very people who can least afford travel costs.Sep 29, 2013
1Sophie ZapalaSep 29, 2013

1 comment to Petition

  • George Frantz

    I hope that fellow Ithaca and Tompkins County residents who support REAL progress toward a more sustainable future will sign this petition. Once again we have a very bad land use decision being sold by slapping the “sustainable development” tag on the project. The “Cayuga Village” project proposed by the Tompkins County Planning Department is suppose to be an example for the EPA’s Climate Showcase Communities program, but the project has nothing to show.

    It’s on an isolated site off Dates Drive, far from any public transit, far from the nearest sidewalk, and far from any destination any resident would want to walk to, (OK,maybe if their not too sick or too injured, a resident could walk/crawl the 1/2 mile on the shoulder of dates Drive to the ER at Cayuga Medical Center.)

    The proposed density is only 2.5 dwellings per acre, which is just slightly higher that the 2.3 DU/acre permitted in the Town’s Low Density Residential zoning district. This is the density usually equated with the rampant unplanned sprawl of the 60s and 70s.

    This means another 350-400 vehicles on Rte 96 & Cliff Street each day; an addition 1 million + additional vehicle miles traveled on West Hill each year (it’s 3.5 miles from the “village” site to the corner of Buffalo & Fulton); an additional 37,000+ gallons of gas burned each year; and an additional 470-500 tons of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere each year.

    Is this really what we want an EPA Climate Showcase Community to be like?

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