[IW] Let's talk about electric bikes!

Judith Swann jmbswann at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 06:17:35 CDT 2015

Happy Saturday to you!

Pat Dutt and I have been wondering how many folks would want to come to a
brief meeting about electric bikes. As e-bike enthusiasts, we want to talk
about this thing that we love. I gave up my car and have depended on my
bike for three years now. Pat bikes out to her job Lansing!

We plan to invite some local e-bike experts (and you are welcome to be or
bring experts too).

Right now, we’d just like a head count. If there's enough interest, we'll
get a room at LACS. If interest is light, we’ll meet at either my place or
Pat’s. For those of you with interest, what days/hours work best for you?

You can reply directly to me, Judy Swann at judy at jmswann.com.

Still Undecided?

You don’t have to already have an e-bike to come to this meeting! Although
Pat and I are already in crazy love with our e-bikes (you may have seen us
commuting through rush hours) we are also curious about those of you who
considered buying an e-bike but decided not to. We’re curious about what
held you back.

We’re hoping that people with knowledge about biking in Madison WI,
Brussels Belgium, and other progressive cities will make themselves

Finally, we would be delighted if someone who has actually already computed
the true cost of a gallon of gas would come. We don't mean pump price, we
mean without the corporate subsidies and regulatory benefits - but with the
costs of environmental degradation, neighborhood and infrastructure decay,
health declines due to sedentary/air-conditioned lifestyles, the social and
intellectual effects of having spare time filled with television, etc.
Well, you can see where I stand, at least.

Please drop me a line and say you want to get together to talk about
e-bikes! I’m at judy at jmswann.com
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