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    Home Energy Efficiency Program, HeatSmart Tompkins, Now Enrolling**

The last public meeting for HeatSmart Tompkins 
<http://www.heatsmarttompkins.org/> in the City of Ithaca will occur 
this Wednesday, October 21, from 6:00 – 8:00pm at GIAC at the corner of 
W. Court and N. Albany Streets. The last such meeting in the Town of 
Ithaca will occur Wednesday, October 28, 7:00 – 9:00pm atNortheast 
Elementary School.

Solar Tompkins has already conducted 15 community meetings and 7 
community home tours. All interested residents from any municipality in 
Tompkins County are welcome at any of the public meetings or tours.

The HeatSmart Tompkins program is more than midway through its public 
presentations and community home tours. The program is designed to make 
it easier for County residents to weatherproof their homes and switch to 
highly efficient heat pump systems by offering them lower-than-market 
rate pricing and a streamlined process with selected companies.

Community tours provide interested residents an opportunity to tour the 
homes of fellow community members and learn first-hand about insulation 
and air sealing and the air-source heat pump and/or ground-source 
geothermal heat pump systems they have installed. More than 150 families 
have already enrolled in the program to receive the free site 
assessments. Please come to learn more about the featured technologies 
and consider taking advantage of the exciting opportunities to move away 
from a reliance on fossil fuels.

Heat pumps draw heat from the ground or the outside air and transfer it 
to the interior of the home. They run on electricity and can be used for 
heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Both ground-source and 
air-source heat pumps are effective at the low temperatures typical of 
this region. Because heat pumps can be powered by renewably generated 
electricity, they “open the pathway to a zero-carbon home.” Enrolling in 
HeatSmart Tompkins is a great next step for people looking for ways to 
shrink their carbon footprints. Enrollment is a nonbinding indication 
that you would like to have an installer partner of your choice visit 
your home for a free energy assessment. For many families, it will make 
immediate economic sense.

Solar Tompkins is partnering with three companies – Halco, NP 
Environmental, and Zerodraft – as its partners in the HeatSmart program. 
All meeting participants will benefit from the information presented by 
Matt Johnston, Solar Tompkins Program Director and the representatives 
of our installer partners.

HeatSmart Tompkins complements the County’s long-term greenhouse 
emissions goals. We hope that the program will inspire individuals to 
take action to help our community create a more sustainable energy system.

HeatSmart Tompkins is a program of Solar Tompkins, a nonprofit 
corporation dedicated to advancing a renewable energy future while 
providing comfort, economic security, and ecological stability. More 
information about the HeatSmart program, including pricing, enrollment 
details, and the schedule of public meetings and tours, can be found at 
www.solartompkins.org <http://www.solartompkins.org>.

  We hope to see you this Wednesday or at one of our other scheduled 

  Brian Eden

Town of Ithaca Representative

Solar Tompkins Board of Directors
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