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Andrejs Ozolins andrejs at ozolins.com
Wed May 18 17:17:49 CDT 2016


This is national bike week and Friday, May 20, is Bike to Work/School 
Day in Ithaca. I hope everyone will have a go at biking on that day. To 
help you along in the morning, we'll have a "Breakfast Station" at the 
foot of West HIll, right between Hector and Cliff where they almost 
meet. The breakfast is in quotes; no bacon or eggs or waffles. But, 
we'll have some coffee, muffins or bagels -- just something to top you 
off on the way for your morning events, either by bike or on foot. Plus, 
we'll have some info, maps, even a contest entry to fill out for some 
great swag!

past bike to work breakfasts

We've had this event on West Hill for several years now, and enjoyed 
many people stopping by at least to say hello. But, ours is just a small 
part of the Ithaca-wide event, with breakfast stations up all over town. 
There's more info about the whole thing at 

Please do try to stop by. Everyone is welcome. Even motorists, if you 
can figure out a place to put your car! It's a time to enjoy being 
outside in Ithaca's spring.

Our West Hill station is supported this year by the Finger Lakes Cycling 
Club, Ithaca West, and Wegmans.

(BTW, I would welcome a hand with set-up and take-down. Old bones. 
Volunteers welcome.)

Cliff Street

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