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Public safety on West Hill with Mayor Myrick

The recent shooting of Ithaca City police officer Tony Augustine has once again brought attention to the increase in crime our West Hill community faces.  It is time to address public safety and any other issues you may have with our mayor, Svante Myrick.

What: Public meeting with Mayor Myrick and other community leaders
When: 7:00 pm, Thursday, November 8, 2012
Where:  Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut Street, in the old gym

We have invited representatives from the Ithaca Police Department, West Village, Chestnut Hill and Linderman Creek apartments.  If we all get together and share ideas, hopefully we can come up with some solutions to the ongoing problems we face.  E-mail with me anything you would like to add to the agenda (makhockey@aol.com) or leave your comments below.

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting with open minds and ideas to get West Hill back to the beautiful, safe community it once was. And, please spread the word to all your neighbors!

Thank you
Sharon  Kasel

2 comments to Public safety on West Hill with Mayor Myrick

  • Samantha

    Hi Sharon,

    So glad this meeting is happening!

    Thank you,

  • Andrejs Ozolins

    The ability to get a meeting with the mayor in itself makes our community safer, more of a community. I hope attendance will be high so everyone gets to express their concerns and the city officials get to understand the nature of our concerns.

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