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Reactions to the development proposal

So, many of us have been worried about the sprawling of Ithaca onto West Hill in a series of developments. Now, another one seems to have arrived (see next post, “70-Unit…”), proposed by the Eco Village people, whom we want to regard as guardians of good sense and good practices. What’s a body to think?!?!? — I posted this question on Facebook and got the following responses, which I think are important to think about.  /andrejs

Krys Cail

Och, Andrejs, didn’t you know that WE are the guardians of good sense and good practice for our neighborhood? I’m making calls to the County Planning and Development Committee, started with Will Burbank today, moving along to the rest tomorrow. I will stress that:

  1. the Emerson project, on South Hill, is a better location to use the EPA grant for a number of reasons. The predevelopment work should be transferred, with the EPA’s permission, to that site and project
  2. To accept comments on the proposed plan only in written format, and hold no meetings with the neighborhood, is unacceptably bad planning process…. especially when it is done by a County Planning Office!
  3. This is an instance in which Ed Marx’s responsibilities for overseeing County Planning and his responsibilities for handling capital projects for the County are at odds with one another. He should recuse himself from the planning component of this project, as his role in maximizing the value of the County’s assets and capital projects represents a conflict of interest in doing the best job planning for the West Hill neighborhood.

Andy Bailey Goodell

I’m still confused by this thought of create a “node” by the hospital. Building new housing just means more commuters. We need more employers on the hill if the goal is to reduce commutes and help Rt96 traffic.

Not sure if you are aware of Holochuck, with 100+ units going in behind the massage school, but their lower access road isn’t straight across from Bundy. That intersection already scares me enough since drivers often roll through the stop, but soon we’ll have yet another access point nearby with drivers making quick accelerations to turn onto Rt96. The collection of smashed taillights at that corner already shows how often people get crunched there.

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