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Redesigning Floral/Hector

Coming up Monday (November 21, 7:00 pm in LACS) is a public meeting regarding the redesign/rebuild of the intersection of Hector and Floral (that’s for short; actually, it’s Hector, Floral, Elm, and State/MLKing). That’s a corner that has bothered a lot of people ever since it emerged from the belly of the octopus — motorists have trouble getting out of Elm, turning left from Floral, turning left into Floral, and generally getting backed up when cars pile up; pedestrians say they feel they’re taking their lives in their hands when trying to cross Hector or Floral; and bicyclists feel there is no way to get from westbound State onto Floral/Elm, not to mention being crowded off most of the surrounding roadways onto sidewalks. The satellite image shows this intersection along with the adjacent Cliff/Bufalo St. intersection. If you feel any stake in how this area is treated — and in how something like $180,000 is spent on improving it — please study the available info and come to the meeting with your views. The most complete information on the project, including quite a few knowledgeable comments, is at BikeIthaca.org.

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