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Safety Message

Press Release / Safety Message

Agency:               Ithaca Fire Department
Date:                    Friday, February 22, 2014
Time:                   8:30 pm.
Location:             310 West Green Street, Ithaca
Incident:                            Ice / Gorge Safety
Contact Person:   Lieutenant Thomas T. Basher Jr.   Public Information Officer

Fax (607) 272-2793,  Cell (607) 227-5001, TBasher@CityofIthaca.org

Stay Off The Ice

Ithaca’s gorges are spectacular all year long, but they are equally dangerous as well. As the weather starts to improve and we venture out, the Ithaca Fire Department reminds everyone to exercise extreme caution in our area gorges.

  • • Stay on designated trails only
  • • Do not cross over fence lines
  • • Adhere to all posted signage and warnings of danger
  • • It is illegal to swim in the gorges

On Friday, Ithaca Rescue crews were called to the base of Ithaca Falls for people in distress in the ice and water.  They were able to get out on their own and had left the scene prior to emergency responders arrival. They were lucky.  It could have easily been a tragic outcome.

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