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Tompkins County public info meeting

Tompkins County is entertaining a proposal for development of a “Climate Showcase Community” on 26 acres of County-owned land on Harris B. Dates Drive next to Cayuga Medical Center.A meeting was held last June regarding the proposal and on Tuesday, October 1, at 5:30, the county legislature is slated to vote on selling the property to the developer. This vote is scheduled for a public meeting at which public comments may be taken. (We’ll update when/if we learn more)

Some West Hill residents hold strong objections to the proposed development — from the details of how the property will be used to the very fact of yet another substantial housing development contributing traffic through the bottleneck of West Hill. You can write to county legislators at their individual email addresses: List of members.

The following info was sent back in June. (Note: the role of EcoVillage turns out to be much more marginal than this description implies.)

Tompkins County, in association with EcoVillage at Ithaca’s Center for Sustainability Education, received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Showcase Communities grant in 2011 to demonstrate how the principles learned over 20 years of developing EcoVillage at Ithaca can be used to design and develop new energy-efficient communities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resource use while providing a high quality of life.More information on the grant can be found at the project website www.community-that-works.org <http://www.community-that-works.org/>.

As part of the project, the County released a Request for Proposals in July 2012 for developers to build such a community on the County property.The proposal from Better Housing for Tompkins County, Inc. and The NRP Group, LLC is currently under review by the County, and representatives from both organizations will be present to describe the concept for their proposal and receive community input.All interested members of the public are invited to attend.

I realize this is all very sketchy. All I really know is that TC seems on the verge of OKing yet another housing development. If you have information, pro or con, please send it along to info@ithacawest.org

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