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Use of Inlet Island for boat parking

The following comes from Cynthia Brock, 1st Ward alderperson; she refers to the item on pp 29-31 of the agenda of the 9/11/15 BPW meeting. That item is available here as a PDF (two letters explaining things plus a drawing of the parking lot): Boat Parking BPW Agenda.

A recent proposal has come to the Board of Public Works requesting the use of the gravel parking lot on Inlet Island for winter boat storage for up to 100 boats (25 boats seems the most likely).

I have concerns with regards to this proposal, and have requested the BPW to hold off on its decision so that community members can provide input.

While I recognize the significant positive impact that the boating community has to our local culture and economy, I have strong reservations with regards to the impacts this will have.  It is my position that allowing long-term winter boat storage on the Inlet Island gravel parking lot will negatively affect the view shed of Inlet Island from Cliff Street, Taughannock Blvd., and Cass Park/Waterfront Trail, and will also create an industrial, cavernous feel to areas immediately adjacent to restaurants and shops who are striving to create a welcoming recreational environment.

The agenda for tonight’s BPW meeting was posted on Friday the 11th and a link to the relevant pages is at the top of this post.

Please share your thoughts with me, George and the BPW by emailing us at cbrock@cityofithaca.org, gmcgonigal@cityofithaca.org, and bpw@cityofithaca.org.
Thank you,

Cynthia Brock
First Ward Alderperson, City of Ithaca

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