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West Hill Emerging

As many of you know, a Cornell landscape architecture class has taken on West Hill as a project. With input from the residents, the students are applying their skills to revisioning our neighborhood. A copy of the course  syllabus is at Sylabus (under “DOCUMENTS, above).

Their stated goals are (from their website, Many Voices, One Hill):

  1. To collaborate with the residents of West Hill and the Town of Ithaca, and gather the communities’ input in order to create an open space plan for West Hill.
  2. To then develop and share our visions for open space with the community, which may in turn serve as guides for the future.

In our designs we aspire to preserve West Hill’s character, beauty and community values, while giving residents access to new resources and amenities.

Prof. Oles writes:

I think at this point the students are energized to produce something that will truly be of use to both planners and the citizens of West Hill. I am excited about the final product and look forward to sharing it with you.
     In the meantime however, I want to emphasize that you or anyone else who is interested in the future of West Hill (whether Town or City) are very much welcome at our interim reviews—see the events part of the website for details. Perhaps you would like to stop by for either Book Layout Presentation 1 (15 November 1.30 pm) or Book Layout Presentation 2 (22 November 1.30 pm)? Your feedback would be invaluable as always!

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  • Update: Many Voices, One Hill Event POSTPONED

    To the West Hill Community:

    As the instructor of the landscape architecture class scheduled to present the project, Many Voices, One Hill: A West Hill Dialect this afternoon at the Museum of the Earth, I have reluctantly decided to POSTPONE this event for the safety of both students and guests. Please spread this information to others who may be planning to attend.

    Please note that this is a POSTPONEMENT and not a cancellation. The new event will take place in late January. The students and I are eager to present and discuss our ideas with the largest possible cross-section of the community. Going ahead with the event today makes that cross-section that much harder to achieve.

    I sincerely apologize for this last minute notice, but I am operating with incomplete information, as is everyone else.

    I know I speak for all the students when I say we are very much looking forward to seeing you all in late January. I will be in touch soon about the new date and time.

    With best wishes for the holiday,

    Thomas Oles

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