The following statements represent the WHCA as of autumn 2010. At that time, changes to on-line activities were initiated, but not completed. The organization’s only activity since then is the ongoing traffic on the email list for its Yahoo! group. Residents of West Hill (and other, seriously interested people) can apply to join the group and receive messages.

Founded in 1966, the West Hill Civic Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the best interests of Ithaca’s West Hill community. As listed in the association’s bylaws, WHCA’s primary objectives are:

  • To enhance the residential environment and quality of life on West Hill;
  • To foster genuine acceptance of the multicultural community on West Hill;
  • To insure that the community determines and receives the kinds of high-quality services it needs from public and private institutions; and,
  • To combat community deterioration in any form.

The WHCA was instrumental in creating the West Hill Master Plan, a general guide for the development of West Hill. Approved by the City of Ithaca Common Council in March 1992, the plan includes analysis of natural features, open space/recreation areas, land use, and infrastructure, and it makes specific recommendations for the development of local circulator roads and sidewalk system improvements.

Please note the City and Town are updating their Comprehensive Plans. If you are interested in adding to this process as it pertains to West Hill, please contact the WHCA, Common the 1st ward Council Representative, or the Town of Ithaca.

Of the 200+ West Hill households that are currently WHCA members, about 90% reside in the City of Ithaca and the remainder in the Town of Ithaca.

The WHCA meets several times a year at the Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut St., Ithaca.

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