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Welcome to the West Hill website

This site has quite a long history behind it — the history of the West Hill Civic Association, which has been providing a forum for the concerns of City residents for decades, and the more recent history of the Ithaca West Hill Community, primarily representing West Hillers outside the city limits.

These last few years it has seemed that those histories and, to some extent at least, these two groups have come together. For one thing, West Hill has developed in a way that makes it feel like one community with shared interests — rather than an in-city group and an outside-city group. Driving up Cliff or Hector or Elm streets, it’s easy to miss where the “City of Ithaca” sign makes a boundary. Development plans, traffic patterns, fire protection, public transportation — most of the issues that affect one constituency affect the other just as much.

So, while it may turn out useful to maintain the official status of the West Hill Civic Association for a while yet, our aim is to gather and distribute information, organize events, and maintain a website on the assumption that Ithaca West is one essentially unified West Hill community.

This website will provide a repository for information relevant to West Hill, including much of what Hayden Letchworth generously amassed over many years of managing the old WHCA website. This website will also provide a new email list (“listserv”), with the intention of replacing the separate lists for WHCA and IWHC. We will be emailing invitations to everyone currently subscribed to either of those lists to join the new, combined list. If you aren’t a member of one, Look under “Contact” on this website and sign up for the new list.

Any new undertaking will stumble, even get lost for a while. Feel free to write us and set us straight. We mean well. We mean to provide a site and service that you find useful. Help us make it so.


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