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Resolution for 7/14/14 meeting

Tompkins County Legislature Meeting: 07/14/14 04:30 PM
Governor Daniel D. Tompkins Building Department: Planning Department
Ithaca, NY 14850 Category: Land
Functional Category: CJA/ATI Board, Planning



Authorizing NRP Properties, LLC to Submit Application for Project on Property Located on Harris B. Dates Drive in the Town of Ithaca

WHEREAS, in anticipation of vacating the Biggs B building as a part of the relocation of the Health Department to new quarters in a renovated building on Brown Road in the Cornell Business Park, the County contemplated the sale of the surrounding property and committed the proceeds of such a sale to support a portion of the cost of renovating the Brown Road building, and

WHEREAS, upon consultation with the Planning Advisory Board as well as the Legislature’s Government Operations; Facilities and Infrastructure; and Planning, Development, and Environmental Quality Committees, the County subdivided its parcel into three separate parcels, one of which consists of approximately 25.52 acres of wooded land; another included the building commonly known as the K-House and approximately 0.92 acres of surrounding land; and the third consisted of the Biggs B Building and approximately 8.99 surrounding acres of land, and

WHEREAS, by Resolution 2010-77, the County authorized the sale of the 8.99 acre Biggs B parcel to the Cayuga Medical Center, and

WHEREAS, by Resolution 2013-105, the County authorized the sale of the K-House property to Mr. Joerg Schulmann, and

WHEREAS, in keeping with the intention to dispose of the entire Biggs site and after the Planning, Development and Environmental Quality Committee sought input from the Town of Ithaca and others, the County issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for sale of the remaining 25.52 acres of vacant land on July 13, 2012, and received a proposal from NRP Properties, LLC, in partnership with Better Housing for Tompkins County on October 9, 2012, and

WHEREAS, in accordance with the RFP that proposal offered $500,000 for the property contingent on certain conditions being met including obtaining of financing, land use approvals, and infrastructure availability, and

WHEREAS, the RFP recognized that expenses for off-site improvements might need to be incurred to support approval of the project, including for pedestrian and transit improvements to serve the site, and offered the County’s willingness to provide a credit to the developer for such approved expenses, and

WHEREAS, the purchase offer is in excess of the appraised value of the parcel and the value set in the RFP was reviewed by the County’s Director of Assessment and found to be fair and reasonable based on current market values, and

WHEREAS, the County recognizes the authority of the Town of Ithaca to determine appropriate land uses in land use regulations, and

WHEREAS, the County would be an involved agency in the SEQR process accompanying the review of the project by the Town Planning Board, and

WHEREAS, while recognizing the lead agency will be selected during the SEQR process, the County believes that the Town of Ithaca Planning Board is the logical lead agency for SEQR review of the proposed project on the Biggs property, and

WHEREAS, the County recognizes, and has always recognized, that a completed SEQR process by or involving the Town Planning Board and Town Planning Board approval of a proposed project would need to precede any sale of property by Tompkins County to NRP Properties, LLC, now therefore be it

RESOLVED, on recommendation of the Government Operations Committee, That the County authorizes NRP Properties, LLC to apply to the Town of Ithaca for a project on the 25.52 acre site,

RESOLVED, further, That this resolution is not a decision to sell the Biggs property and does not in any way commit the County to further action with regard to this property, and that a decision to sell the property will only be considered upon completion of a coordinated SEQR process with the Town of Ithaca Planning Board and all other involved agencies.



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