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West Hill Cleanup Day

Greetings fellow West Hillers,

This year’s West Hill Clean-up will take place the morning of Saturday, April 26. This can be a really enjoyable day with neighbors; do pitch in.

The trash bags get set out the night before (Friday), or at the crack of dawn on the 26th. Generally there is a flag at each of the spots, which are spread all over West Hill.  One is at the bottom of Elm Street, one is at the corner of Hook and Warren Place.  There are a couple on Hector Street, a couple on Warren, one or two on Cliff and Campbell and on Oakwood. I don’t remember where all the spots are.  Ray Schlather does that part, generally. There will be a bag / collection spot near just about everyone. You can tell where they are by looking for them.  You’ll see them.
After you fill as many bags as you want, you return them to the spot where you got them.  Then Ray Schlather, myself, and others drive around in a truck and trailer and pick everything up and take it to the dump, beginning shortly after noon.
The City pays the tipping fee.  We record how much we collect in pounds, maybe tons.  The more trash we collect, the better.  If we collect a lot, we get to brag about it to our friends from other neighborhoods at fancy cocktail parties.
If people would like to sign-up for a specific neighborhood, that probably will help us to cover a more complete area.  You can also work solo, or with your children, whatever.
I think Ray will probably chime in later this week with more specifics, if that is needed.

Remember, please, that this is NOT clear-out the junk you’ve accumulated in your garage and basement day. We are collecting the “wild ” trash that can be found outdoors on West Hill.

Sadly, we have seen a decline in participation for this neighborhood undertaking in recent years. We particularly could use more help with “heavy lifting” trash, stuff like shopping carts that have found their way into the gullies on lower West Hill.

This is hard work, but when a number of people pitch in together, it can be fun.

There is no sign-up for this required, but if you would like to help with some of the heavy lifting and hauling, please drop me a line.

George McGonigal
tel: 272-0639

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